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Embracing a media company mindset isn’t new. But implementing it -- with the quality, velocity and scale to drive real impact -- is complex.

That’s why we created Mediaco. Built on our heritage of incorporating specialized capabilities developed over the last decade, we’ve established a unique approach.

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  • Voice & ID

  • Ecosystem Alignment

  • Engine

  • Diagnostics & Tuning

Our Work

Our new media methodologies are built on programs we produce.

The Breakfast Project is a real-time content and engagement engine that supports the iconic got Milk? campaign. Through our social listening center in Chicago, we monitor daily breakfast conversations happening across North America, using analytics to gauge how best to tailor content and connect with moms in the moment. We complement real-time content seeding with a production engine that includes curated breakfast articles, videos, nutrition tips as well as original content developed by our editorial team, third-party contributors, celebrities and media partners.
We helped PepsiCo redesign its digital presence, moving from a passive information-based site to a broader social storytelling ecosystem. We re-designed, established a global social media presence and sustained focused storytelling through editorial guidelines and processes spanning 22 markets around the world. With a focus on positioning the company as an innovative diversified food and beverage leader, we helped drive a sustained, two-year content and influencer strategy that put the company at the center of the innovation community. The program was fueled by partnerships with event producers like SXSW and BlogHer, as well as publishers that included Fast Company and Bloomberg, among others.
The Verizon Wireless News Center is an editorially-driven platform that brings the brand's story to life via news and feature content. Previous approaches relied on episodic production and distribution of news releases and traditional corporate communications. Functioning as a digital newsroom operation, Verizon worked with us to produce daily stories balancing the company's messaging priorities with relevant conversations taking place on the web. We use this content to fuel media relations, as well as support mobile enthusiasts and publishing partners to drive visibility and sharing of topical content. Our unique publishing approach allows the Verizon communications team to address a massive demand for company information, shaping brand coverage while delivering leads to Verizon product and service teams.
We worked intimately with Unilever to develop an ‘always-on’ philosophy with regard to brand publishing and social communications. Knowing how to understand an audience and develop relevant content is crucial to fueling engagement with consumers, and our work with brands like Degree Men and Hellman’s showcases the methodology in action. Hellman’s created a unique program to elevate the brand from a condiment to a premium ingredient by partnering with Food & Wine Magazine to cover The Aspen Food and Wine Festival from an editorial perspective - providing unprecedented access with content which was delivered across multiple channels during the event and beyond. Degree Men also exhibited our ‘always-on’ strategy through its development of The Adrenalist – a fully-operational men’s lifestyle magazine, engaging audiences through the lens of adventure and extreme sports – serving as a digital hub for content and campaigns.

Our Team

A holistic approach requires bringing together the right talent.

Putting a Mediaco mindset into practice goes beyond isolated tactics and simply creating content in support of one-off campaigns. To build an engine for ongoing engagement, and programming that grows reputation equity over time takes specialized discipline and a unique mix of talent.

Mediaco Publish

Content Management Built for Brand Publishing

Mediaco Publish combines the best technology from the media publishing world with a user-friendly workflow experience designed specifically for brand content operations. It represents the first technology solution developed by a new content technology unit within Mediaco. The unit is composed of creative technologists, user experience designers, and software engineers, charged with the ongoing evaluation and deployment of existing and new solutions, and where needed, creating custom solutions to meet the needs of the fast-evolving discipline of brand publishing.

About the New Mediaco Tech Unit
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